About us

Welcome to NUHR HOME SA

We are a family company creating luxury fragranced candles, Reed Diffusers, Body wash and perfumes. Our bespoke oud fragrance; a luxury scent derived from the east will bring an opulent and luxurious atmosphere to any room or office. We are South African based company. Our product and our brand reflects a fusion of eastern and western influences as a celebration of the blend of cultural influences.

Our products are all handmade in the UK as part of the NUHR HOME Brand.

Our Mission


We make impeccably stylish products with the greatest attention to detail, not compromising in quality in any way to bring to you our premium ranged exclusive products at an affordable price.

Our origins are simple, we wanted to achieve lasting luxurious aromas for the home at pricing that is affordable allowing everyone to be able to indulge in such luxuries.  We therefore, began our journey in testing and making candles to start with as our main lead product.

Our products are stylish and elegant to bring opulence and luxury to your interiors as well as creating a luxury ambiance and aroma.


We believe our product is unique as we focus our range mainly on Oud. Oud is a luxury fragrance with origins in the East. As such fragranced products that carry the Oud name also carry a high price. Our aim is to make oud scented products more affordable and available to a wider market.

NUHR is the Arabic word for ‘light’ or ‘glow’ which we think is very fitting for a candle.


We only accept the best standards and therefore each product is rigorously tested ensuring maximum scent throw and burn quality is achieved in all circumstances. We only use the finest quality wax and use our own unique blend of natural and mineral wax to ensure the best quality of scent throw. All manufacturing takes place in house to ensure the best quality is achieved and maintained. The products have been finalised following months of testing and we are pleased to bring these unique products to market.

All our products are vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher.